William K. Hartmann

Planetary Scientist, Artist, Author, & Writer.

Welcome, everyone!

My creative work in the last few years has been divided among three areas: scientific research at PSI and at the International Space Science Institute in Bern, Switzerland; my paintings; and my writing. My current science research involves history of surface features on Mars, origin of the moon, and the widely accepted paradigm of a cataclysmic “late heavy bombardment” at 3.9 billion years ago – a cataclysm that probably never happened. As of 2018, I am on the imaging team of the European Mars Express mission, but relatively inactive due to cuts in NASA support for American participants. My paintings include astronomical scenes (used for magazines, book covers, etc.) and plein air (outdoor, on-site) landscapes, many completed during my international travels. My writing includes 3 college texts in planetary science and astronomy, which each went into 4-6 editions;  popular science books; non-fiction history, and two published novels. Two more novels are in the pipeline. You can explore all these efforts in more detail by clicking on the listings above.

– Bill Hartmann